Proven Kelpies sold with my breeders guarantee


Est 1996 
Livestock homes only (No exceptions)
I am a Working Kelpie specialist of over 30yrs!  
All dogs registered with the Working Kelpie Council ( WKC) of Australia, the original bloodlines database!
Consistent quality!
 No nonsense dogs, solid in type, sold with my breeders guarantee.
  Working both small & large numbers of sheep.
  No working weakness.
  Perfect in temperament.
  Sold to work, sheep & cattle (Beef/Suckler/Dairy)
  Versatile, to work yard, paddock, hill & fells.
I am the current UK representative for the Working Kelpie Council of Australia (WKC) . Since 2010!


Lyndhurst Kelpies Okara Max (You Tube)

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