Kelpies sold with my breeders guarantee


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Due to the consistant quality and reputation of the dogs here, many people are now turning firstly to the Lyndhurst Kelpie Stud!
  •    Livestock working homes only.
  •   A straight forward website.
  •   Dogs solid in type, sold with my breeders guarantee.
  •   Adults fully vaccinated to date.
  •   Working large numbers of sheep.
  •   No working weakness.
  •   Perfect in temperament.
  •   Sold to work, sheep & cattle (Beef/Suckler/Dairy)
  •   Versatile, to work yard, paddock, hill & fells.
  •   Very suitable for inexperienced handlers.

I import from Australia to outcross bloodlines, not necessarily to improve them. Good studs will have many of thier own prefix in front of the dogs name.
 P.S. Litters get sold within a few days of age, please book early!!
I am the UK Working Kelpie Council of Australia (WKC) representative.



Lyndhurst Kelpies Okara Max (You Tube)

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