Proven Kelpies sold with my breeders guarantee


Est 1996 
Livestock homes only (No exceptions)
I am a professional Working Kelpie specialist of over 30yrs!  
I hold individual and group training classes as well as taking in dogs for intensive training with boarding!
All dogs registered with the Working Kelpie Council (WKC) of Australia, the original bloodlines database!
I am the current WKC UK Rep and have nothing to do with any other organisations.
Consistent quality!

Dogs here are tested for CA (cerebellar abiotrophy)   
 No nonsense dogs, solid in type, sold with my breeders guarantee.
  Working both small & large numbers of sheep.
  No working weakness.
  Perfect in temperament.
  Sold to work, sheep & cattle (Beef/Suckler/Dairy)
  Versatile, to work yard, paddock, hill & fells.


Lyndhurst Kelpies Okara Max (You Tube)

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