Proven Kelpies sold with my breeders guarantee
Buying a Kelpie?

What to look for when buying Kelpie!

  1. Find a reputable breeder, and ask whether a Kelpie would suit your requirements. I give a lot of advice to people that either do or do not own a Kelpie!
  2. Speak to other people that have good Kelpies, ask their thoughts on the breed and what studs they may know that produce excellent & consistent progeny.
  3. Visit studs or farms and see the dogs, and if possible see them working. Kelpies have a lovely predictable temperament and would fit in with a family farm very well, which in most cases is what you will find!
  4. Make sure the parents of a pup that you might buy are fully vaccinated up to date!
  5. When buying a Kelpie, ask about its WKC (Working Kelpie Council of Australia) registration certificate. Look for registered dogs with this, all good studs will be WKC members and have registered dogs!
  6. Take advice on the breeding and bloodlines, some WKC certificates will read S/B in the bloodlines, this stands for Stationbred, it means that the breeder never registered the dog with the WKC or there is no breed history. Some Stationbred dogs are as good as any registered Kelpie, but with no history there is less of a guarantee of being pure bred!
  7. Be carefully of the price you are being asked to pay, really good Kelpie pups with be sold for around £550/£675. Part trained/started dogs £1500/£3500. Fully trained over £3500 plus. (There should also be a breeders money back guarantee)

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