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19th September - News

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Lokabe Boss is proving to be an exceptional Sire for me, now having working progeny to which I have seen, below is His Sire Eulooka Inman.

The following text is taken from the Lokabe website with kind permission of its owners Catherine & Fred.
Inman an exceptional work dog, putting in hundreds if not thousands of hard days with Fred Raines.  When the chips were down and nothing was going right, Inman was the dog still slogging away with Fred, helping him get the work done so that they could both go home.
Inman also had a brilliant trialling career, winning his first Open trial at just 14 months of age. Amongst his many accomplishments, Inman won the 2013 Farm Dog Championship at Sheepvention in Hamilton Victoria, was the 2015 New South Wales Yard Dog Champion, 2015 New South Wales Yard Dog of the Year and runner-up 2016 Australian Yard Dog Champion.  He won too many Open trials to count, and had a remarkable ability to rise to the occasion when necessary.  He seemed to know when he needed to step it up a gear.





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