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Okara Max 22/5/03 - 22/8/16


Okara Max  -
Born May 2003
Imported from Milburn Kelpie stud. (Australia) October 2002

Gr Sire

Milburn Basil


Boanong Buster

Gr Dam

Coalslea Sandy

Gr Sire

Wilton Rocky


Milburn Sally III

Gr Dam

Bradandra Coke

Max was originally imported by Steve Andrews ( Woolstone Kelpie Stud ) from the Milburn Kelpie stud run by Michael Johnston. Michael has won many trials in Australia most of those being in the yards, He is arguably one of the most successful handlers of all time, with the standards of his dogs being of the highest level. To date Michael breeds his dogs primarily for work at his sheep station, trailing is something that he enjoys as a pastime. Max was only sold to Steve Andrews as a favour to a friend as Michael was aware that the U.K need to improve its bloodlines. Steve and his family have now emigrated to Australia and decided not to take Max due to the expense, he is now a new edition to Lyndhurst U.K.

All Dogs are registered with the Working Kelpie Council of Australia.