Proven Kelpies sold with my breeders guarantee
Training Classes / Intensive training with 2 week boarding

Training session are available ranging from the basics to an advanced level depending on the requirements from the handler and the capabilities of the dog! All aspects from field to yard can be covered if required. Individual and group sessions taken!


Dogs that come to me must be of a sufficient standard and at least 12 months of age.

During their stay they will reach what I call a fully started stage. This includes the following.
  • Respect for the handler and livestock.
  • Walking sensibly on a lead.
  • Left and right directional commands.
  • Keep out ( for when required )
  • Walk up.
  • Push up ( to include a bark when working in the yard )
  • Steady.
  • Stop.
  • Go back ( for pen work )
  • Backing sheep with commands to get right up to where required and return to starting point.
  • A finish command to cease working.
At the end of training dogs are shown to the owner as being able to work at distance, purely so voice commands can be implemented without the dog relying on movement and body language from the trainer.